INEX Cloud: The Future-proof Security Platform for Healthcare Organisations

At Van Breda BV, we are proud to introduce INEX Cloud, a fully cloud-based alarm platform with a serverless architecture. This platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare organisations in terms of security, scalability and ease of use. It is based on Azure's Public Cloud, which means it can seamlessly migrate from on-premises to the cloud, provided Albireo GEN3 or higher is used.

INEX Cloud allows healthcare professionals to easily log in with their own account, giving them full control over access to features for optimised security. The platform also offers mobile flexibility, allowing professionals to work faster and more conveniently with their own laptop, PC or smartphone.

Some of the key features of INEX Cloud are:

  • Easy Access: Simply log in with your own healthcare organisation's account.
  • Clear Roles and Permissions: Full control over feature access for optimised security.
  • Mobile Flexibility: Work faster and more conveniently with your own laptop, PC or smartphone.
  • Fully Web-Based: Manage INEX Cloud from any device and any location.
  • Real-time Alarm Dashboard: Quick and easy alarm overview on every screen.
  • Comprehensive Logging: INEX Cloud accurately tracks actions and events for detailed audits and full transparency.
  • Open Connectivity: Seamless integration with other systems via highest standard Rest API.
  • Full Documentation: Always reference for optimal use of the system.


At Van Breda BV, we strive for one important goal: to give healthcare professionals more time for warm care, with safety at the forefront. With INEX Cloud, we make this vision a reality.


The first version of INEX Cloud is now available on demand and the first (pilot) project is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.