Albireo Smart Sensor (AI) with VIOS 3: The Future of Security and Monitoring

Van Breda BV is proud to announce the introduction of VIOS 3, the latest generation of smart image sensor technology after VIOS 2. This technology uses the Albireo Smart Sensor (AI), which harnesses the power and benefits of the Albireo alarm unit, smart image sensor- and AI technology combines for superior security and monitoring.

Some features of VIOS 3 are:

  • Smart Object Recognition: Automatic detection without active viewing. The system learns objects by itself, simplifying monitoring.
  • Building on VIOS 2: VIOS 3 builds on the benefits of VIOS 2 and provides a seamless transition for our existing VIOS 2 customers.
  • Scalable and Flexible: Adapt the system to user needs. VIOS 3 is flexible and movable, suitable for individual flats to larger complexes.

Find out how the Albireo Smart Sensor (AI) with VIOS 3 is ushering in the future of security and monitoring!