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Van Breda has more than 45 years of experience in the Dutch healthcare sector. We develop innovative alarm and healthcare communication technologies that support healthcare professionals to work efficiently and enjoyably. Find out how our technologies are helping to transform the Elderly care, VG and GGZ sectors, and provide warm, high-quality and safe care.

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Our mission and vision

Our ambition is to minimise unnecessary actions and inefficiencies in the healthcare sector. We aim to shift the focus to the most important core value: warm care. Through our advanced communication technologies, such as apps and smart sensor technology, we believe we can make an important contribution to an efficient, safe and comfortable care environment.

Our forward-looking approach drives us to continuously innovate and develop in partnership with healthcare organisations. We are determined to transform the healthcare sector through the use of smart technology and innovative solutions. Our goal is to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency and create a warm, caring environment for all.

years in the business

Van Breda has specialised in healthcare innovation in elderly care since 1977.

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care locations

More than 450 care locations in the Netherlands use our smart products.


Together, we create healthcare solutions to enable healthcare professionals to work pleasantly and efficiently in healthcare.

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service & support

The first year is guaranteed in the form of a free service contract. We guarantee to maintain your healthcare solutions for at least 10 years.

Our expertise

Since its establishment in 1977, Van Breda has specialised in elderly care. We specialise in developing communication systems for the elderly care sector, the VG sector and the GGZ sector. With our years of experience in the care sector and our own development department, we are flexible in our product range and always offer the right solution for now and in the future.

Our approach

Van Breda anticipates changes in the market and takes a critical look at your wishes and requirements. Our aim is to make your staff and clients happy with the new system. We tailor our products and services to your specific needs, using our own development department.

Our solutions

Our products are user-friendly and simple, without complicated and time-consuming technical operations. We are able to provide expert advice to "healthcare" on the purchase or expansion of healthcare communication systems. Our products meet the need to work more efficiently without loss of quality in service, and are applicable to existing systems (open standards), our own but also those of third parties.

Our innovations

Our focus is on developing smart Apps that benefit both residents and caregivers, and the use of wireless systems and smart camera technologies (video surveillance) in care. We believe we can contribute even more to efficient, safe and comfortable care through these new technologies.

Our service

Our services are based on efficiency, safety and comfort. Van Breda is able to provide care centres. We aim to provide the best quality by offering a "select menu" of high-quality guaranteed systems and hardware, followed by the best service and maintenance systems.




Our sister organisations

At Van Breda, we specialise in elderly care and offer innovative care technology solutions for care centres. Our sister organisations, Residential care technology support centre (WZT) and DomusCure, help us provide the best service to our customers. Through our cooperation with Steunpunt WZT and DomusCure, we can offer our customers the best solutions for elderly care. We guarantee maximum availability and functionality of your healthcare communication systems and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

Residential care technology support centre (WZT): technical support with care

Residential care technology support centre

Our service expertise from the Residential Care Technology Support Centre (WZT) ensures the continuity of your systems and extends the life of your equipment. The Support Point WZT is available 24/7 to resolve calls and answer questions about healthcare communication systems. We work proactively with the WZT Support Point to offer numerous additional services, such as inspections, management, maintenance and training for healthcare communication systems.

DomusCure: Innovation for longer home living


DomusCure offers an innovative product for the home care market, giving clients more independence. The DomusCure app allows clients to communicate with the informal carer/care professional, allowing them to live at home for longer. This product offers a solution to the growing demand for home care and strengthens the cooperation between client, informal carer and care professional.



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