Video Incident Detection System 2.0: Smart Image Sensor for Safety and Peace of Mind in Healthcare Environments

Designed by Van Breda, is Video Incident Detection System 2.0 (VIOS 2.0) an advanced image sensor system that safety and rest in healthcare environments. By using advanced motion detection and camera images, VIOS 2.0 enables intelligent analysis of preset scenarios. In this article, we explain how this innovative system works.

Situation detection in the resident's room

VIOS 2.0 allows care workers to set different zones based on personal living patterns, state of mind and care demand of the resident. The system assesses images for activity and passivity of residents, allowing care staff to hazardous situations can identify and scenarios can set within the VIOS 2.0 system.

Understanding the situation

At a alarm the authorised employee receives a notification on their smartphone via the Smart Paging App. The care worker can view images of the situation and assess whether care is provided should be.


Reduction of false alarms

With VIOS 2.0, situations can be assessed remotely, allowing night rounds unnecessary become. This results in fewer disruptions at night and a better sleep for residents.

Scalability and portability

The VIOS 2.0 system is scalable and movable, allowing it to be adapted to different environments and needs.

Privacy with VIOS 2.0

The VIOS 2.0 system ensures privacy by ensuring that only authorized employees have access to live footage during a alarm situation.

Open Standards, Compatibility and Extensibility of VIOS 2.0

VIOS 2.0 supports 'open video standards', is compatible with most image sensors, Wi-Fi and IP cameras, and can be extended with reports from various sources. The system can also be expanded with cameras at entrance doors and corridors for extra security.


Optimal support for healthcare professionals: