The Albireo concept: future-oriented healthcare communication

The Albireo concept is designed to optimal healthcare communication support both for care workers as residents, now and in the future. It is characterised by its flexibility and functionality, and the multifunctional alarm unit is a valuable addition to the basic care package of healthcare organisations because of its versatile features.


Multifunctional care alarm

The Albireo concept includes a multifunctional IP alarm unit which can be placed in a resident's flat. It offers the possibility of various ways to create a care alarm activate and makes a talk-listen remotely possible between the care worker and the resident.

Location indication

The Albireo makes location indication possibly without the use of beacons. Reliable location indication is made possible by the Albireo units which are placed throughout the building. Once a resident enters a alarm activates via a neck or wrist transmitter, the location also becomes known outside the resident's room. The nearest Albireo captures the signal and transmits the alarm with location indication to the healthcare worker's smartphone.



The Albireo is easy to operate for both care workers as residents. Thanks to the physical and clear buttons, the usability guaranteed. Van Breda is the only residential care technology provider in the Netherlands with a support centre (Support centre Residential care technologie B.V.) provided with specially trained residential care technology consultants to improve communication between care and technology.

Connection options

The Albireo offers both Fully wireless (WiFi and medical frequency) as wired (IP) connection options. The unit can be managed as network component and connect directly to the organisation's network, enabling intermediate cabinets unnecessary are. The Albireo can be seen in several ways configured become, thus new construction, renovation and relocation possible Be. Van Breda works together with all telephony networks and meets NEN2575 for smartphones in combination with the public network, making a costly Voice-over WiFi network unnecessary.

Unique access system for residents

The Albireo can be fitted with a UMA beacon which can be placed at each resident's entrance door. This allows the resident is automatically recognised through the system and the door automatically unlocked becomes. As a result, the resident will always have access to his or her flat and the resident can roam freely framed (safe areas within the building and/or gardens). The door will remain closed to residents who do not have access. This system is fully in line with the vision of the Wet care and coercion (Wzd), in which the resident's daily actions are impeded as little as possible and the resident's safety and freedom are promoted.

Linking with other home automation systems

The Albireo can also be linked with other home automation systems, allowing it to be expanded beyond care-related functions to include residential functions such as shading, lighting and remote opening of doors. Via a universal wireless coupler module own sensors or devices with I/O can be linked to the Albireo system and various wireless accessories such as a neck-wrist transmitter or a motion detector can be linked to the Albireo. Moreover, third-party accessories also be linked to the system. The flexibility of this concept allows the Albireo to be adapted to different target groups and changes in care intensity.

Scalable and expandable

The Albireo concept is scalable and expandable with additional Van Breda concepts, such as the VIOS 2.0 concept, the wander detection concept and the Smart Paging concept, which can be complemented by various accessories. By applying wireless accessories and licence-based functions, the Albireo concept can be easily scaled up. Moreover, the Albireo can be expanded with an additional Albireo slave speech-listening unit for larger flats.

Management and accessories

The Albireo units and accessories can be remotely configured, managed, updated and programmed via the management software. The management software allows easy room-level setting of all settings of the Albireo and accessories. Moreover, like the other components, the Albireo IP can be managed from the IP management environment (PRTG) of your organisation. The Albireo GEN3 meets the highest hardware requirements for use in critical environments (medical grade) and Van Breda offers 10 to 15-year warranty On the supply of hardware for the Albireo GEN3.


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