The smart access and wander detection system (Moving in Freedom): More freedom and safety for residents with PG problems

It can be a challenge for healthcare organisations to help residents with psychogeriatric (PG) problems provide optimum freedom and security. The location and wander detection system from Van Breda provides a solution to this. This system ensures that residents freedom may experience, while the safety of residents remains guaranteed by smart detection at the time of need.


Personal errant profiles

The circle within which a resident fully free and safe can move is personal. Based on the personal situation Of each resident, appropriate errant profiles prepared.



The detection system operates on the basis of a neck wrist medallion with RFID technology, which can be worn in multiple ways. Once a resident with a errant profile approaching a door or lift fitted with a wander detection system, will be the medallion transmitter detected and it is possible to door and lift locking control.


The wandering detection system is scalable. As healthcare organisation you can choose to start applying wander detection on, for example, the main exit and later scale this up to a full-fledged wandering detection system with living circle technology.

Verifiable safety

The living circle technology contributes to the sense of freedom for residents and to verifiable safety for healthcare workers. The living circles are flexible and can be adjusted manually, allowing different residents to move around in various zones. Depending on the daily situation, the size of the living circle can be adjusted. This system works well in combination with a cleverly designed outdoor garden, where residents can walk around freely and re-enter the building via an up-and-down corridor. In addition, the system can time-based work, for example with different daytime living circle sizes and overnight.